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 MTL Latch & Hinge & Accessories 

Products:MTL Latch (1178)
Product code: 80236
Material:High Pressure Die - Cast Zinc
Finishing: High Polished Chrome Plated
Features: Safety lnside Release Handle

Products:MTL Reach - ln Door Hinge (1470/1456)
Product code: 80237 (1456)
80238 (1470)
Material:High Pressure Die - Cast Zinc
Finishing:High Polished Chrome Ptated



Products:MTL Stainless/Steel Vertical & Self Closing Hinges
Product code:
80102, 80103, 80104
80105, 80106, 80107
Types available:
There are 4 types of MTL S/Steel Door Hinges in our series which are specially designed for different needs.
(1).Self Closing Series ( 3 types ) AR/AL, NR/NL, & SR/SL.
(2). Vertical Series ( 1 type ) VR/VL.
Note: R=Right, L=Left (1 for Top, 2 for Middle, 3 for Bottom)
Application : Specially designed for Commercial & Kitchen Refrigerators / Freezers.

Applicable for Upright Full Length / Half Length & Counter Refrigerators.
Material used:Gauge 3.00mm / 304 / 2B Stainless Steel.
Note:Please contact us for further information about other types of Hinges which are not shown here.

Products:MTL Stainless Steel Door Hinges Stopper (Type NSV)
Product code:80122
ApplicationTo prevent refrigerator door over swing.

This Stopper is applicable for both Right (R) & Left (L) Door Hinges
Material used:Gauge 1.5mm / 304 / 2B Stainless Steel.

Products:MTL Plastic Washer (For Door Hinges Assembly)
Product code:80124
ApplicationFor Stainless/Steel Vertical & Self Closing Door Hinges Assembly.
Material used:High Quality Polyethylene.